Devon’s operations in the Delaware Basin of west Texas and southeast New Mexico provide both oil and natural gas production from its core acreage position consisting of 280,000 net acres across multiple formations. Horizontal drilling with extended-reach laterals and large pad developments are being used to unlock the vast resource that still remains in this historic oil and natural gas field. 

Devon’s current focus is in the oil-rich Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Leonard and Delaware formations. Drilling activity is yielding outstanding well productivity, driving high-margin growth for the company. With a significant inventory of oil and liquids-rich drilling opportunities that have multi-zone development potential, Devon has a robust platform for future growth. 

Delaware Basin Key Stats
Production (2018 net): 75 MBOED (77% liquids)  
14% of company
Reserves (12/31/18): 249 MMBOE
13% of company
2019e E&P Capital: $900 million